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Nigerians and Money
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Nigerians and Money

Innyouu |

Nigerians and Money. Just came across this photo comic and it made me wonder why Nigerians react to the absence of money as if it is the beginning of a dreadful and a killer disease in their life!!! Most people in their adage says, that if you never chop belleful, […]

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Download Money Mp3 by Felix TK

Innyouu |

Download Money Mp3 by Felix TK. This song connotes and explains money elaborately as the root of all evil. Felix TK is a Gospel minister who is well known for his transition in local dialet songs and many accolades to his name. He has one debut album titled “My love […]


Why you should pathways with your money

Innyouu |

Giving the growing audience at our disposal on our social media, daily potential traffic of about 10,000 page viewers live, extended instagram followers with continous facebook followers and twitter followers, your contents ones live reaches a potential aggregate of 30,000 followers/audiences, with an average view of about 3,500 per live […]

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