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The Overflow Album

Innyouu |

The Overflow Album. Good day Guys, Today I want to talk about the overflow album; Don’t expect me to say anything elaborate. My mission is very simple. We have all heard Ni Naka Ne by Jobie, we have also heard Hura Wuta, Some of us have had the privilege of […]

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Meet Jobie Yohanna

Innyouu |

Meet Jobie Yohanna. A worship leader, at true believer who at this time is a gospel recording artist, songwriter, singer, and a graduate of Nuhu Bamali Polytechnic Zaria. Jobie is the popular gospel song crooner of the song title, Ni Naka Ne, and Hura Wuta, the song Ni Naka Ne […]

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Download Hura wuta by Jobie

Innyouu |

Download Hura wuta by Jobie. With fire and the divine inspiration of the holy spirit, comes to another heart burning song titled “Hura wuta” meaning “Kindle fire”, we are indeed the light of the world, the song gave a deeper expression of itself as God has set aside his will […]

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Download NI Naka Ne by Jobie

Innyouu |

Download Ni Naka Ne by Jobie. Ni naka ne is a song beyond words, beyond description, beyond expression, for edification purposes, God’s magnification, total submission unto him, Though the song has been available on many platforms, we want it to go as far as it can. You can get the […]

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