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Meet the awesome team behind Marketing.

Joseph Kabulu


Lois Joseph

Joseph is the CEO and founder of He spent several years working as a freelance social marketing consultant before moving into full-time management positions. Before founding, Joseph handled several relevant social networks and their social handles. He consequently promoted some of the renowned gospel musical work in Northern Nigeria.

Shedykeyz started out as a freelance content writer and gospel music producer, he later moved into full-time content/gospel music production for one of Nigeria’s biggest Northern networks. As Innyouu’s first full-time employee, now a co-founder, he’s developed and perfected the content strategy from the ground up and can market audio work anywhere.


Lois is an experienced social media manager, and her skills span everything from video production to creating PPC campaigns. Lois has deep understanding of the tools and strategies needed to get your content in front of the right people on social networks.

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