Meet Tedywonder artist of the month

Meet Tedywonder artist of the month


Tedywonder. Meet Tedywonder artist of the month. Having talent is just one thing, encapsulating it with your personality is yet another thing. Tedywonder, a gigantic sanguine personality hailing from central west of Nigeria, Kwara state, caught our attention within a twinkle of an eye.

Meet Tedywonder.

Tedywonder whose real name was some worth difficult to find but even in some of his social media handles was almost impossible, but from our deep research Tedy has humanly done his home-work.

Early life

Tedywonder’s early life from the above caption gave a deep impression as to why he is currently being the talk of the town in Northern Nigeria, spreading across cities like Abuja, illorin, and other southern cities of the country. He got his vibes a long time ago and has really developed it to a level that one can only notice to act accordingly.

Collaborations and hustle

Talking about collaborations and hustling, Tedywonder from all his artistic and musical hustle has really beat the game compared to all other up and coming act we could possibly think of. We did an extensive research and discovered that he had some of his tracks such as Marry me on naijaloaded and the recent single he dropped few days ago Poverty die Feat Olamide, amongst other popular platforms such as naijapals,, and one of northern most popular blogs krockcitydegreez. A lot of you might be wondering, how comes??? Where and how. You might just have to hook up with him in other to find out by yourself on some of his social media handles.

Perfectionist with styles

When i mean an artist who does his home work to the core, i personally haven’t come across any of Tedy’s work with mediocre kind of art cover or mediocrity in the art of dissemination of musical output, Hmmmmm???? Go figure. Music platform no be joke. Ask Tedy, he might update you. No be every noise be noise oooo. Spend money to test your work, at least Tedy knows the meaning.

Keeping the hustle real.

Tedy did not only test his musical works on social media and sites, he spread across shows, and other events that he himself has been a part and parcel of organizing. If them de fear your hustle plus hammer, create show to create awareness, Tedy ran the hustle all up to last February where he even showcased valentine shows and others such as blind dates. caption below.

Still hot and fresh in his fans memories

All said and done, how will one forget so easily his relentless efforts getting his gig out there. From talent comes confidence, and from confidence comes straight up discovery and serious showcase. Mind you guys, i haven’t touched the slogan he is being known for, King Lamba. Does it ring a bell. Follow my captions below.

King Lamba

When i first encountered Tedy, till today he is being referred to as King lamba, you wanna know how and why, follow his songs Lamba promptly and you should understand why.

Captions from his last performances at 44 barracks in Kaduna affiliated by krockcity placed Tedy highly above any kind of upcoming act hustle i could possibly think of. view captions below.

Captions from last events.

No doubt Tedywonder has really captured his territory, a western Nigerian musical act currently rocking highly on the northern soil. Hmmm!!! Many people still de learn work. Meet the King of Lamba to enlighten you more.

New release X Olamide

Just few days ago, Tedy wowed us with an outstanding release of his new single featuring rap legend Olamide titled Poverty Die (Cover) How did he do it, hook up with him on his twitter and instagram handles at Tedywonder1 and officialTedywonder.

What people think about Tedy’s work.

We cannot just hype somebody like that without proof. This are comments from Naijaloaded site where Tedy’s Marry me single is currently hyping. Go through the captions for yourself. God bless your hustle Tedy…

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