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Jobie Yohanna

Innyouu |

Jobie Yohanna is Gospel Music minister, well known all over the northern Nigeria and some parts of the Middle-belt. He is a great and prolific vocalist and comes with singing energy. He owns one album to his name titled “Overflow”. Jobie resides in Kaduna state. He is happily married with […]


Innyouu |

Shedykeyz is a gospel music minister, producer, and singer. He hails from Nasarawa state Nigeria. He is the owner of Genesis Sound Recordz, where ministers like Joseph Kabulu are currently under. He is a renowned producer, known for producing great music sounds from the likes of Jobie Yohanna, Tamar, Joseph […]

Get the Mercy Album by Bumoh Sabonruwa

Bumoh Sabonruwa

Innyouu |

Bumoh Sabonruwa is a gospel music minister and a song writer. Hails from Demsa LGA of Adamawa state, and resides in Kaduna. He has one album to his name titled “Mercy”.

Joseph Kabulu

Innyouu |

Joseph Kabulu is a gospel music minister, song writer, prolific singer and lead vocalist. Hails from Niger state, Minna. Resides in Kaduna and works at Yola, Nigeria. Joseph Kabulu has one Album to his name titled “Gratitude”.

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