Download Set my heart ablaze by Evan. Andrawas Ezekiel Jaye

Andy Jaye is an Evangelist, minister, songwriter, recording artist, Singer and a worship leader, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Fine art department from prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Set my heart ABLAZE is a song dogged out of hunger for Revival. During my stay after school in Zaria before covid-19 lockdown, were I taught fine art in a secondary school. One day just been weak and overwhelmed by the activity of that day. After school hours I took my way stressfully coming home this song began to ring in my spirit. Not until when I came home and began to study from Acts 2:1-4, what stroke me most was the tongue s of fire.


That rested on the Apostles that ignited the gospel flames in the heart, spirit and their body. The place I was is covered with, evil men, unbelievers, and people with reckless kind of living…

I thereby write this song to edify the body of Christ… That we may all be set ablaze for the advancement of the kingdom of Christ in this world and every where we find ourselves.

Spirit of God fill the house Let me burn never quench (2×)Holy fire come(2×)Set me ablaze(3×).Chorus….Set my heart ablaze holy spirit, Set my heart ablaze(2×)Let me burn, burn, burn for you! Let me burn, burn for you. Back up -(solo) Spirit of God.

Back up -chorus set my heart……(5×)Chanting…

(Hop.. Hook ooo oh ooo oh(2×)5×}Set my heart ablaze Holy spirit set my heart ablaze(2×)Let me burn, burn, burn for you. Let me burn, burn for you.