January 18, 2021


Now the world is in your hands…

Download Heal the world by Kd’s Fynest

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Download Heal the world by Kd's Fynest
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Download Heal the world by Kd’s Fynest. In spite of all the challenges and the pandemic disease spreading across the globe, there are still reasons for us to unite and stay strong, as we do that the world heals in a natural way. Download, listen, share, and enjoy!!!

Nancy Alpha Mr.Peculiar Glory Joebrown
Joe-E Eljoe Peace Brotha Dan Zaki Sir Joe

In Black and white
We can see,
What is happening now,
The world is closing Doors,
People living in different nations "Panicking",
By the blood and tears  of inoccent people are dying,
This deadly virus is spreading,
Where do we go from here!!!
could  this be the end of days,
Or could be a warning for Humanity to change it ways.

        ALPHA BAZE
 Where do we go from here??
Is there even light at the end of the tunnel??
How do we handle this
Cause it seems like our abilities has failed us
It was China
Now in Nigeria
Death toll rising
Economy falling
Hunger starvation
Ravaging the nation
 How did we get here???
         ( Sir Joe)
Heal the world set us free from the global pain and sorrows 
We rise with one voice as we humble ourselves and pray
Here we are broken hearted, mask on faces loosing our love ones 
Together we cry set us free oh God  Ooh. Ooh...
Together we cry set us free oh God Ooh ooh...

    Father here we are
Resp.(Here we are...)
We call on you today
We humble ourselves before you
 Please forgive our sins
Heal our land and take away the plagues
The famine and the pestilence,we pray today...
We pray to you today Lord.
We standing tall
Make we practice the law wey dem give oo
Obey the government and abide by the laws of the land oo
And together we go survive am
Together we can fight it oo
We can eradicate it and make the world a better place

We're in a tragedic pandemic jeopardy
Happening round the globe
An outbreak that's causing heart break
Everything breaking down
Many casualties, we all in agony
Seeking heavenly strategy to fight this
Together in peace and harmony
Allah Ka Cece mu daga wannan aloban
Kar Ka bari mu hallaka ta wannan chutan
Ka dube mu da idon Rahama Ka mana jinkai 
Mun durkusa gaban ka mun yi addu'a....  amen

You loved us Sotey 
You gave your son to die for us.
The same world you came to die for is dying today...
If you're not tired of my worship,
Lord please save the lives of the masses
From this captivity, calamity wey befall us
Because Only the living can praise
you and we wanna be part of them oh
Only the living can praise you and
we wanna be part of them oh...

Situations got me thinking louder
Maybe it's a sign to show that God wanna talk to us
Could this be a time to show that God is very angry?
So that we can come together, humble and pray..
Karfin duniya da illimin ta sun kasa 
Ubangiji ni na San Kai baka taba kasawa
Sauko da warkasuwar ka a bisan mu yau 
So that all nations and the world 
Will know that you're God

-I Heard The World Preaching Sanitizing,Social Distance. 
Ignoring Memorizing The Apocalypse Verses
-Its Crazy How Things Panning Out And Time is Really Running Out.
-Please Let The Saints Tie Their Shoe Laces,I'm Talking to All Races,The world is Where The Case is.
-Mask Faces,Death Toll Rises. This is the End Signs
 Indeed This is a War Against Demonic Dark Forces.
-God Always Wins Let The science Count All Their Loses.
Asalama alaikum yan'uwa
Arewa kudu gabbas da yamma
Kira nake da babban murya
Ma kowa Kai da koina
Mutuwa ake yin Kai  koina

Hatara kiyaye Kai Yan uwa
(Chants....... Till fade)

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