Download Aljana by Evan. Andrewas Ezekiel Jaye

Andy Jaye is an Evangelist, minister, songwriter, recording artist, Singer and a worship leader, currently in Zaria, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Fine art department from prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
Music Bio: Aljana is an Hausa song birthed out of a personal retreat, as I read in the scripture (Matthew 7:21-23). That Say’s not all that call me lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, only those who do the will of the Father in heaven.


I suddenly realize that we the present day Gods laborer’s who claim to be busy working with God are victims of this tragedy. We go working with him and refuse doing his will. I imagine how every will stand before Gods throne to give his or her account of deeds on earth” what a terrible day. And I was led to put this burden into a melody and this song was birthed out. I pray that this song will be a medium to encourage all believers to do Gods will Amen.


Naji busan kaho (4×)Oh—oh—oh, oh ooooh.(3×)Wurin yesu, gaban mai runduna.Verse:Matatu cikin Cristi za su fara tashiwa,Sa’ ana Wanda su rage, za su bi,Ayukan su be kadia, shine zaya bisu.Wurin yesu, Gaban mairunduna.Amma na lura, ranar da ka mutu,Isa’n ka ya zo, kafon ka ya busaAmma na lura, ranar da Kin mutu,Is an ki ya zo, kafon ki ya busaTau menene ka kumsa a hanuwar ka,Tau menene kin kumsa a hanuwanki, Ko ayukan ka mumuna, ko ayukan kyau,Ko ayukan ki mumuna, ko ayukan kyau.Chorus: inka yi oh Abu mai kiyau Aljana za ka he (3×),

Wurin yesu, Gaban Mai rundunaVerse:Kai mai Aikin yesu, ka yi shi da gaskiya, banda gunaguniMe mai Aikin yesu, kiyishi da gaskiya, banda gunaguni.Don’t wata rana, zamu sadu Gaban yesu, mu banda lisafin mu, Ku banda lissafin ku,Don’t wataran zamu sadu Gaban yesu mu banda da lissafin, kubada lissafin Ku.Chorus….. “In ka yi oh”….Bridge: In kana karya kana Aikin AllahAikin ya zama banza.In kana haushi kana Aikin Allah, aiki yazama banza.Matasa:

in Ku na zina Ku na Aikin Allah, Aikin ya zama banza.Pastor: in kana haushi kana Aikin Allah, Aikin ya zama banzaMamamnimu: in Ku na gulma Ku na Aikin Allah, Aikin ya zama banza.In Ku na karya kana Aikin Allah, Aikin ya zama banza.
In ka yi oh Abu mai kyau Aljana za ka je, wurin yesu, Gaban mai runduna.